We establish healthy and climate-friendly meals.

Eaternity provides restaurants and food professionals with the most precise assessment of their food’s CO₂ emissions.
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Zurich Restaurant Competition

How to reduce your restaurant CO₂-emissions by 19%. The results are in: find out who is the winner of the famous Zurich restaurant competition.

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Introduction to Eaternity

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These are the facts

Our food choices are responsible for 1/3 of man-made greenhouse gas emissions. We have the potential to reduce food related emissions by at least 50% through smart diet choices. These choices can reduce more than any technological advancement ever will.

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What is Eaternity?

We establish climate friendly meals in society. Eaternity has developed an innovative software for the restaurant industry. With it, restaurants can automatically track and measure the carbon footprint of all their meals and purchases. Our goal is to offer everyone the opportunity to make sustainable choices when selecting their everyday food.

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Sustainable Development Goals

By seeking to establish climate-friendly meals in society, Eaternity contributes to the implementation of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. This universal call to action aims at achieving sustainable development and make a positive change for both people and the planet by 2030.

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First hand news from Eaternity

26 Oct 2018 – Goals of a Sustainable Food System

What to eat in 2030 or 2050 to be within environmental limits.

What are the goals that we need to set and reach in order go keep our food system within environmental limits?

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22 Oct 2018
A New Eaternity Rating System

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12 Oct 2018
S&F Förderpreis 2018 überreicht

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03 Oct 2018
We are Digital Shapers 2018

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02 Aug 2018
Eaternity at Seeds&Chips