Eaternity is providing a working solution. We have developed and proven successfully the adoption of climate friendly meals for restaurants in Switzerland. Currently daily climate friendly meals are served in 74 Swiss restaurants - with promising results. Additionally we are measuring the total emissions of 170 restaurants.

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We have the pleasure to work together with a number of great organisations to establish climate-friendly meals in society. What we are doing together is not business as usual. Everyone of our references is a pioneer of its own. It is our ambition to reach further out to significant numbers of restaurants. We want to truly make a difference. A positive difference on how our society organises and lives together.

This is where it begins. Each of us can join. And together we will add up to the big picture, that will be part of the future we want to live in. – Thank you!

Compass Group (Switzerland) AG

In partnership with Compass Group (Switzerland) AG we are rolling out the Eaternity to 200 Compass restaurants. Their chefs can now see the difference it makes to a meal to switch from aubergine to courgette and how their restaurant’s climate footprint performs in comparison to all the others.

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City of Zurich serves Menu Plus

Truly pioneering. Since 2011 the municipality of Zurich serves Menu Plus in all their employee restaurants giving them the choice to eat climate-friendly on a daily basis. This was implemented after a successful 11 week pilot project that was supported by the campaign "good for me, good for our climate" bringing the restaurant guests one step closer to reach the "2000-watt-society".
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Restaurant Coalmine

Restaurant Coalmine is a small bistro in Winterthur. With limited resources and a regular customer base, Colamine’s restaurant owner initially thought there was limited scope for researching and introducing sustainable food choices. But with Eaternity their recipes were analysed quickly. By adjusting some ingredients and replacing two meals on the existing menu, carbon emissions were immediately reduced by 20%. Climate-friendly meals are now highlighted on Coalmine’s menu card.
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Chefcook Fabian Fuchs

"Working with Eaternity’s solution is a bliss. It is much more than a useful tool for running my kitchen." Currently taking the restaurant Equitable to a spin. Whoever has enjoyed Fabian's fabulous culinary creations, knows exactly why we work together. The many times he has suprised his guests with his creative and delicious combination of ingredients made his reputation precede him essentially.
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