Everybody is talking about energy for living and transport...

...but our food choices are responsible for 30% of man-made greenhouse gas emissions. This accounts for more than 2.7 tons of CO₂ per person per year in US and Europe. We have the potential to reduce food related emissions by at least 50% through smart diet choices. These choices can reduce carbon emissions more than any technological advancement ever will.

Fact #1

One cheeseburger has the same effect on our climate as watching television for 500 hours.

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Fact #2

1 kg of pork causes as much CO2 as producing 80 kg of potatoes

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Fact #3

Eating climate-friendly 3 times per week will change the world.

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Our activities affect the whole world. We define our ecosystems.

We live at the cost of people in other countries – and at the cost of nature. If everyone were to use the same resources as an average European and American, we would need 2.6 planets.

Food CO2 Emissions of a lifetime

The average European and American causes 5.18 kg of CO2eq a day for his food consumption, or 150 000 kg CO2eq over his lifetime. With a climate-friendly diet, a person saves a total 100 000 kg CO2e - an impressive number. Amounting to the same amount of carbon as driving 15.5 times around the globe.

This is by far the biggest personal environmental impact YOU influence and YOU have direct control over (and no one else!).